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Real Estate Investment

Hours: 3
Category: Elective
Indiana Real Estate Commission Approved

Real estate is an economic product that is subject to economic laws and influences, like all other goods and services in our market system. It is critical for a real estate professional to have a working understanding of the economic underpinnings of real estate value as well as at least a conceptual idea of how to appraise value. In this course, we will examine real estate economics, methods of appraising value, and real estate as an investment. We will include examples throughout to connect theory with real world application.

Indiana Real Estate Commission Approval #: CE21700011

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Table of Contents

Instructional Format: All courses from Empire Learning are completed online and can be accessed in your account 24 hours a day, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Course content consists of text, brief videos, and review questions to check your understanding throughout the course. To receive credit, you must pass the final exam presented at the end of the course. Please Note: The final exam cannot be submitted until the required amount of time has been spent in the course materials.

Approval Information

Empire Learning is approved by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency to offer the courses shown above for continuing education credit for Indiana real estate licensees. Our provider approval number is CE21700011.