Missouri Continuing Education Requirements

Missouri licensees are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education every 24 months. This includes 9 hours of elective credit and a minimum of 3 hours to be in a Core Topic. For the 2022 renewal, the required core course must be taken in Real Estate Ethics.

Continuing education requirements for Missouri real estate licensees can be found on the Missouri Real Estate Commission website at https://pr.mo.gov/realestate-ceu-requirements.asp.

In 2020, the Missouri Real Estate Commission extended the license expiration and CE deadlines for both Brokers and Salespersons. Because of these extensions, CE hours for Brokers completed after June 30, 2020 and before the license was renewed that year cannot also be used for 2022 renewal. Additionally, CE hours for Salesperson completed after September 30, 2020 and before the license was renewed cannot also be used for 2022 renewal.

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Total Hours:12Final Exam:Yes
Mandatory Hours:3.0Passing Score:75%
Elective Hours:9.0Max Final Exam Attempts:No limit
Mandatory Topic(s):See belowSeat Timer:Yes
Education Completed By:6/30/22 (Broker)
9/30/22 (Salesperson)

Additional Information:

Per state regulations, after two unsuccessful exam attempts, a course must be retaken.

Regulatory Agency:

Missouri Real Estate Commission
Phone: (573) 751-2628
Email: realestate@pr.mo.gov
Website: http://pr.mo.gov/realestate.asp
CE Requirements

Renewal Information:

After completing the continuing education requirements and allowing time for credits to be reported, your license can be renewed online at https://pr.mo.gov/renew-jetpay-step0.asp.

Additional information and tips for renewal can be found here: https://pr.mo.gov/boards/realestate/Renewal-Information2.pdf

Non Resident Kansas Licensees:

Nonresidents must complete the Kansas mandatory hours, but may receive elective hours for courses approved by their state if:
  • the course was completed after the issue date of the Kansas license;
  • the course was completed within the current Kansas license renewal period; and
  • the licensee emails the certificate(s) to krec@ks.gov. Please include your Kansas license number to ensure credit.