Iowa Continuing Education Requirements

Iowa real estate licensees are required to complete 36 hours of approved continuing education triennially by December 31st of the license's expiration year. The education must consist of at least 8 hours of Law Update and 4 hours of Ethics. Please note, licensees are only allowed to complete 24 of the required 36 hours online.

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Total Hours:36Final Exam:Yes
Mandatory Hours:12.0Passing Score:80%
Elective Hours:24.0Max Final Exam Attempts:No limit
Mandatory Topic(s):Law Update, EthicsSeat Timer:No
Education Completed By:12/31 Triennially 

Additional Information:

The Iowa Real Estate Commission allows a maximum of 24 hours of online distance continuing education to be completed each renewal period. This requirement was temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 in 2020 through 2022.

For all licenses set to expire in 2023 or later, the requirement that only 24 hours can be taken via distance education is unfortunately back in force.

CE Exemptions

Licensees are exempt from Iowa CE requirements when they both reside in and are licensed by the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

Regulatory Agency:

Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau
Phone: (515) 725-9022
CE Requirements

Renewal Information:

After completing the continuing education requirements, Iowa real estate licensees are required to complete their application for license renewal online at The renewal period for all licenses that expire on December 31st begins in mid November. You must renew by midnight of your renewal due date to avoid lapsing and all renewal applications must be submitted electronically though your account at "My Iowa PLB".